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26.05.2017 10:42:46

The main process in sugar production is the crystallization of sucrose. Today, it is important to search for methods of intensification of this process in order to obtain high-quality sugar with the appropriate granulometric composition.

One of the ways to solve the problem is to use a high-quality seed material capable of forming crystals of the required size in concentrated sugar solutions. If the technological regime in the food compartment is observed and the effective seeding materials are used, the yield of sugar can be increased by 0.15 ... 0.2%.

17.10.2014 13:21:56

Usage of auxiliaries in sugar industry for intensification of technological processes is always actual. The quality of the finished product, its cost and the work of the whole plant depend upon the correct choice of chemicals, such as surfactants and defoamers depends.

Today, producers offer a wide range of imported products, many of them are produced from petrochemical or other non-food raw materials. They are not always effective, quite expensive and their use in the food industry is limited due to the presence of the hazardous components for the environment and human health. Therefore, replacement of them within food and making them environmentally friendly is an important task.