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Butter and dairy products

31.05.2017 17:51:22

The contemporary market of oil-and-fat products (butter, spread, butter and cream-vegetable paste, margarine) is constantly developing and is very competitive. The manufacturers have to analyze the range of production all the time, improve its quality and consumer properties, and reduce its manufaturing cost. To achieve the desired operational benefits, the enterprises use the emulsifying systems, emulsifiers and product structure stabilizers.

21.10.2014 17:05:15

Constantly evolving consumer market of dairy products requires the creation of a wide range of various high quality products, better taste and texture, which is impossible without the use of a variety of ingredients, such as emulsifiers and stabilizers.

The company Elektrogazochem over 10 years is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of a wide range of nutritional supplements for the dairy and oil&fat industry.

17.10.2014 13:20:27

Technical progress in the modern food industry is inextricably linked to the usage of a wide range of food ingredients. Particular importance is to have the ingredients that change the structure and physic-chemical properties of foods. Such ingredients are emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Scientific-Production Enterprise "Elektrogazochem" is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of a wide range of products for the food, pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetics industry.

17.10.2014 13:18:19

The range of butter produced in Ukraine has been changed significantly . The production of low-fat butter is growing and particularly the production of the products with a combined fat composition: spreads actively grows. It has become possible due to the difficult economic situation in milk production, and increasing demand for the creation of healthy foods with lower calorie and cholesterol.