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Successful combination in the production of cheese

Successful combination in the production of cheese
17.10.2014 13:20:27

Technical progress in the modern food industry is inextricably linked to the usage of a wide range of food ingredients. Particular importance is to have the ingredients that change the structure and physic-chemical properties of foods. Such ingredients are emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Scientific-Production Enterprise "Elektrogazochem" is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of a wide range of products for the food, pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetics industry.

For the Food industry the company produces over 20 types of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other auxiliary substances, which are cheaper than foreign analogues, and its quality characteristics correspond to the best world analogues. For their production the high-quality domestic and foreign raw materials are used.

All the products are manufactured according to the specifications approved in the prescribed manner. The products have passed the hygienic examination at the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. All regulatory documents and all the products are certified (The hygienic conclusions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine).

The manufactured products are widely used in dairy, meat, sugar, confectionary and other food industries of Ukraine. The company Elektrogazokchem owns modern scientific and production bases that allow to design and produce a high quality products in quantities sufficient to meet the demands of the food industry in Ukraine.

Recent years, a prior direction in the food industry is the development of resource-saving technologies. The technologies allow to save the traditional raw materials, increasing the yield of the final product, expanding its range, and adjusting the food and biological value, caloric value of foods.

In Ukraine the production of food staff with combined fat composition is successfully developed. It concerns to the dairy products, including cheese products as well. The products contain non-dairy ingredients, mainly vegetable fats and complete proteins. These products have a high biological value and nutritional properties due to the better balance of fatty acid composition by increasing the content of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The use of vegetable fats allows to reduce caloric value and amount of cholesterol.

Organoleptic properties of the combined cheese products are largely determined by their consistency.

Usage of such emulsifiers as Ester P, triglycerides, and others in the production of various types of cheese products allows to regulate the consistency of the cheese dough.

The emulsifier Ester P and triglyceride is used in the manufacture of hard brine cheese products for making the dough more flexible and for reducing coarse and friable consistency.

The emulsifier is to be inserted into the prepared mixture at the temperature not lower than 60-65 ° C. Next process is carried out according to the requirements of regulatory documents for a specific type of product.

Emulsifiers are also used in the manufacture of various types of processed cheese to regulate the desired consistency of the product. The Emulsifier Ester P is attached to processed cheese elastic texture, gloss, binds fat and protein water phase.

Emulsifiers are usually added directly into the melting pot during charging and then implement the melting in compliance with the production scheme.

The company Elektrogazochem is considerable experienced in the production and usage emulsifiers and stabilizers in the food industry. The company provides a full range of services related to the use of the product:

provides samples and technical documentation; the company's technologist supervises the development of products at your production; provides development and approval of technical documentation for new products; It is possible by request of our partners develop specific types of emulsifiers or stabilizers under the given parameters or a specific type of product.

Gureeva V.S.

Head of the department of Technology and Standardization

Scientific-Production Enterprise Elektrogazochem.