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Ñonfectionery and bakery

31.05.2017 17:41:01

The contemporary market of oil-and-fat products (butter, spread, butter and cream-vegetable paste, margarine) is constantly developing and is very competitive. The manufacturers have to analyze the range of production all the time, improve its quality and consumer properties, and reduce its manufañturing cost. To achieve the desired operational benefits, the enterprises use the emulsifying systems, emulsifiers and product structure stabilizers.

17.10.2014 13:13:43

Modern methods of producing confectionary require modern ingredients that allow you to extend the range and increase the yield of the final product, save the traditional raw materials and regulate food and biological value, as well as to increase the shelf life of products.

The company Electrogazokhem ltd is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of emulsifiers, improvers of the confectionary and bakery industries.

17.10.2014 13:09:30

As one of the leading domestic manufacturers of emulsifiers and stabilizing systems for the food, dairy, confectionary, pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetic industry of Ukraine the company Electrogasochem Ltd. produces about 30 kinds of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other products.

The company has advanced scientific and technical base, which allows to develop and produce high quality products, which is not inferior to foreign analogues by its quality characteristics.