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Evaluation of the quality and rational use of surfactants in sugar production

Evaluation of the quality and rational use of surfactants in sugar production
11.04.2016 12:49:59
Author: Olena Anisimova
Elektrohazohim Ltd is a regular and active participant in specialized conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and one of the leading domestic manufacturers of ingredients, excipients, chemical regents for the food industry.
For sugar production Elektrohazohim Ltd. offers defoamers in all areas of the process, surfactants for intensification of boiling massecuite and materials for the formation of crystallization centers. Criteria The main quality of our products is their effectiveness and safety. Official confirmation of product safety is the presence of edible certificates.
February 17, 2016 Elektrohazohim Ltd. received international certificate of management system of food safety FSSC 22000, which includes the requirements of ISO 22000: 2005, ISO / TS 22002-1: 2009 and the additional requirements of FSSC 22000. Applications: production of ingredients for the food industry ; emulsifiers, defoamers, krystaloutvoryuvachiv what.
We know that FSSC 22000 is used for audit and certification of food safety organizations participating in the food supply chain that produce products or processed edible products. Receiving the Certificate provides for Elektrohazohim Ltd. International Registry, implementing high-level control of production and product quality.
Another important criterion is the quality of our products - efficiency. To create the most effective defoamers, need thorough study of the properties of raw foam compound in the conditions of our climate into account the peculiarities of processes, mechanism of chemical reactions is that sugar production. All research and development of our company is based on a study of these issues and are aimed at their solution with maximum effect. Given the impact of weather conditions on the production technology, further development of South Africa were class defoamers for winter.
The trial assessment of the effectiveness Defoamers we are under assessment methodology of running activity in laboratory setup. Such experiments we conduct in their labs and in production laboratories of sugar factories.
Last season we conducted a series of experiments on plants "Firm" Astarta-Kyiv "and LLC" Group Agroprodinvest. " Results of laboratory tests had confirmed in an industrial application. Regarding the use of surfactants in crystallization compartment for maximum effect we recommend making regular dosing devices. This will give a more even saturation of the highly concentrated sugar solutions, which in turn will accelerate the process of boiling and centrifuge massecuite and improves grain of sugar. This method is implemented at all plants in Belarus. South Africa marks "Esterin A 08" does not require pre-heating, has low viscosity and high efficiency, as the most suitable for regular use in the grocery department using dosing devices. Entering South Africa is carried out in collections syrup klerovky, outflows.
Over 15 years we have been cooperating with sugar factories. The level of skill, knowledge base and experience of our specialists not only useful and sometimes necessary to address the technological issues associated with the use of specific excipients class defoamers and surfactants.