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Manufacturer Electrogasochem Ltd, Ukraine
Regulatory documentation TU U 22942814.014-2001, rev. 1, 2, 3
Consist The mixture of mono-, di- and triesters of fatty acids with a predominance of fatty acid triglycerides
Sphere of application In the production of various types of margarine and spreads, certain types of butter, cheese, sour cream, condensed milk products
Benefits Used as a stabilizer in emulsions for providing the thermal stability of spreads, margarine, or certain types of butter, cheese, sour cream, condensed milk containing products.
Packing Paper or polymer bags, net weight 25 kg
Storage In the original packing in dry clean rooms, which protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation, at a distance of not less than 1 m from the indoor heat sources at temperatures from 0 to 35 º C
Shelf life 24 months in the original packing under required storage conditions
SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Safety and Health Certificate of SSES of Ukraine 05.03.02.-04/55162 of 09.08.2010 In the production of Improver "Ester T 05" do not use genetically modified raw materials. State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union RU. of 21.01.2011