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Manufacturer Electrogasochem Ltd.
Regulatory documentation TU 24.1-22942814.018-2001
Consist A mixture of potassium salts of phosphoric acid esters of higher fatty alcohols with the same fraction.
Sphere of application Perfume and cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
Benefits Wax emulsion from "Electrogazokhim"
The proposed emulsion wax makes it possible to create emulsions of different consistency from light milk to fatty cream from water and oils in the pharmaceutical and perfumery industries. Due to the presence of its phosphoric groups in its properties, it is close to kefalin and lecithin. Therefore, the agents created with its use do not leave an unpleasant feeling of fatness of the skin and prevent its dehydration. Also, the proposed emulsion wax can be used to create hydrophilic tiles for gentle skin care.
Packing Bags with net weight 10 to 25 kg
Shelf life 12 months.
SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Hygienic conclusion of the State Sanitary-hygienic examination of the product ¹ 5.10 / 15192 of 21.09.2001, issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.