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Excipients, which can be used in the production of waffles:

Emulsifier «Ester P» solid,

The improving agent «Ester 05».

Should be used in a mixture

  • Improvement a quality of waffles.
  • Increase a speed of technological process by reducing the stickiness of dough.
Can be used in powder form or together with melted fat.

Emulsifier «Esterin STS»

  • Prevents the formation of lumps in the dough.
Esterin STS should be added together with melted fat or in powder form with a flour into kneader.

Pasta grease «Ester M 04»


  • Prevents sticking dough on a work surface.
  • Prolongs service lifetime of the equipment .
  • Only one thin layer is enough for the effective demoulding of the finished product.
  • Minimal consumption with special equipment.
  • Suitable for manual, mechanical and automatic applications.
  • Does not give a foreign flavor to finished products.

Should be applied by a thin layer on a work surface of forms and sheets by spraying or smearing with the help of available tools (brushes, rollers).