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Manufacturer Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine
Regulatory documentation U U 22942814.005-2000
Consist Glycerol monostearate (E 471)
Sphere of application Confectionery (candies, halvah, puff products)
  • Provides uniform distribution of fat in the finished products.
  • Forms a layered structure in puff products.
  • Prevents the release of free fat in halvah.
Packing 25.0 kg polymeric or paper bags
Storage Store in original package in the dry clean places, protected from the rain and against sunlight, at least 1 m from heating devices and in the temperature range from 0C to +35C
Shelf life 12 months in original package in required storage conditions
SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Hygienic certificate from the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service of Ukraine 05.03.02.-04/34231 from April 08, 2011

Certificate of state registration of the Customs union RU. from November 29, 2011