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Manufacturer Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine
Regulatory documentation U U 15.4-22942814.019-2002
Consist A mixture of polyglycerol esters of vegetable polycondensed ricinoleic acid ( 476)
Sphere of application In the production of chocolate products, chocolate glazes in order to reduce the viscosity of chocolate mass, and to improve the process of formation
  • Reduces the yield strength of the glaze and chocolate masses. Has higher fluxing ability compared with polyglycerol polyricinoleate 01
  • Enhances the action of lecithin.
  • Facilitates the passage of the glaze and chocolate masses via pipelines.
  • Enhances the formation of chocolate products.
Packing 20 kg polymer canisters. 200 kg metal barrels
Storage Store in original package in the dry clean places, protected from the rain and against sunlight, at least 1 m from heating devices and in the temperature range from 0C to +25C
Shelf life 12 months in original package in required storage conditions
SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Hygienic certificate from the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service of Ukraine 05.03.02-07/15671 from March 01, 2012

Certificate of state registration of the Customs union RU. from April 20, 2012