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Manufacturer Macromer Ltd., Russia
Regulatory documentation U 2458-376-10488057-2006
Consist 40-% polycarboxylate polymer water solution
Sphere of application In the sugar industry to prevent the formation of scale on heating surfaces in the evaporators.
  • energy savings
  • reduces the formation of scale on the heating surfaces up to 95%
  • contributes to the destruction already formed scale
  • excludes the need of cleaning apparatus of the evaporator plants during the production season
Packing Plastic barrels 240 kg weight
Storage Store in original package in the dry clean places, protected from the rain and against sunlight, at least 1 m from heating devices and in the temperature range from 0C to +30C
Shelf life 6 months in original package in required storage conditions
SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Hygienic certificate from the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service of Ukraine 05.03.02-03/84485 from August 23, 2012

Ministry of Health of Russian Federation Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion 33. .01.001. .001017.11.06 from November 03, 2006