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Manufacturer Scientific-Production Enterprise "Electrogasochem"
Regulatory documentation
Consist surfactant a mixture of polyhydric alcohols esters and higher vegetable fatty acids.
Sphere of application In the sugar industry for defoaming of sugar solutions, viscosity reduction, crystallization process intensification
belongs to edible surfactants;
100% biodegradable;
doesnt require any additional preparations;
high defoaming abilty;
can be used without dilution and in the emulsified form with different concentrations;
reduces viscosity and increases fluidity of massecuite of the 1st , 2nd and final crystallizations;
decreases boiling time of massecuite of the 1st , 2nd and final crystallizations.
Packing 200kg steel drums (food grade) 1000kg IBC flexibags isotanks
Storage Store in original package in the dry clean place, protected from the rain and sunlight, at least 1m distance from heating devices and in the temperature range from 0 C to 45 C.
Shelf life 24months in the original package in required storage conditions