Еmulsifier №1


  • Manufacturer: Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine
  • Regulatory Documentation: ТU U 24.1-22942814-027:2006
  • Consist: A mixture of primary higher fatty alcohols (fraction С16-С20) with potassium salt of sulfoesters of the same higher fatty alcohols

Sphere of Application:

  • Liquid dosage forms
  • Soft dosage forms

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PACKING Polymeric bags with capacity 25.0 kg

 STORAGE Store in original package in the dry clean places, protected from the rain and against sunlight, at least 1 m from heating devices and in the temperature range from 0°C to +40°C

 SHELF LIFE 36 months in original package in required storage conditions

 SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Hygienic certificate from the State Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04/15807 from February 23, 2011

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