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For the dairy industry

Food emulsifiers and other additives Fat-and-dairy products are widely used today. It is unlikely that there will be at least one family, in the fridge of which there would be no mayonnaise, spread or hard cheese. For the production of any of these, like hundreds of other products, special additives are used for the food industry.

Food Emulsifiers Emulsifiers as a food additive are unique in that they have “related properties” for both fats and water, i.e. they are lipophilic and hydrophilic. This allows them to mix fats with water. In addition, the emulsifier E476 (PGPR 02 and PGPR 03) and sorbitan tristearate ("Estherin STS") contribute to a better distribution of ingredients in the product, ensuring its homogeneity. E475 emulsifier (Esther P solid, Esther P 01) is widely used in the manufacture of chocolate products, chocolate coatings to reduce the viscosity of chocolate masses, as well as to improve the formation process.

Antioxidant food Many additives for the food industry are designed to ensure the safety of products. In particular, the antioxidant food (E319, E320, E321) slows down the oxidative processes in the product when it is in contact with oxygen in the air. These ingredients are necessary in the production of any fat-containing emulsions. LLC NPP Elektrogazohim offers the products Esterin AO 01 and Esterin AO 02, which are food antioxidants used in milk fat substitutes and in the production of spreads, margarines and other products.

Product quality The safety of any additive for the food industry depends primarily on the competence and compliance of the manufacturer with the requirements of international standards FSSC 22000, HACCP, ISO 9001. LLC Electrotechnical Chemical (EGH ingredients) has been operating since 1995 and has established itself as a supplier of exceptionally high-quality products.


Each food additive offered by our company and its field of application are presented in the proposed table. If necessary, EGH ingredients experts will provide detailed advice. This will allow you to choose an antioxidant food or food emulsifiers that fully meet your needs and the specificity of the products produced.

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