Epoxidized sunflower oil


  • Product Info: Production of polymeric materials
  • Manufacturer: Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine

Sphere of Application:

  • Production of polymeric materials.

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Epoxidized sunflower oil

Epoxidized sunflower oil
Sunflower oil epoxy ester 
Epoxy sunflower oil 

Epoxidized Sunflower oil (ESO) is a non-toxic, сlear liquid from light yellow to yellow that is used as a plasticizer and stabilizer in plastic materials, especially PVC and its copolymers. Used as a pigment dispersing agent and acid/mercaptan scavenging agent as well as an epoxy reactive diluent. Epoxidized Sunflower oil is a cost efficient choice for a variety of applications that also includes functional fluids, flavor and fragrances, sealants, coatings, and special inks. ESO is manufactured from sunflower oil through the process of epoxidation.


Typical Physical Properties
Appearance Clear liquid
from light yellow to yellow 
Odor Mild
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 0,992-0,997
Refractive Index, 20°C 1,473-1,484
Acid Value, max 1
Iodine Value, max 3
Oxirane Oxygen, min 6%
Flash Point, °C    >230

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