• Product Info: E 476
  • Manufacturer: Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine
  • Regulatory Documentation: TU U 24.1- 22942814.019-2002, rev. 1
  • Consist: A mixture of polyglycerol esters and esterified ricinoleic acids of vegetable origin (E 476) with the addition of lecithin (E 322) and antioxidants: α- tocopherol (E307) and citric acid (E 330).

Sphere of Application:

  • Spreads with fat content fаrom 40,0% to 52,5%
  • Spreads with fat content from 25,0% to 40,0%
  • Margarines with fat content from 25,0% to 52,5%
  • Margarines for creams and whipped dough

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SPHERE OF APPLICATION In the production of different types of spreads, margarine and butter pastes with low fat below 50%.

  • Increases plasticity, creates shiny, glossy texture.
  • Excellent binds the fat with moisture, preventing the allocation of free moisture.
  • Eliminates the defects of texture (crumbly, gritty, layered or mealy consistency).
  • Provides high plasticity of product at low temperatures.

PACKING 20L plastic container

STORAGE In the original packing in dry clean rooms, which protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation, at a distance of not less than 1 m from the indoor heat sources at temperatures from 0 to 35º C

SHELF LIFE 12 months in the original packing under required storage conditions

SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Safety and Health Certificate of SSES of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04/20603 of 08.04.2008. In the production of Emulsifier «Polyglycerol polyricinoleate 02» do not use genetically modified raw materials. State Registration Certificate of the Customs Union № RU.Е.011141.04.11 of 20.04.2011

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