Esterin АО-01


  • Product Info: E320; E321
  • Manufacturer: Electrogasochem Ltd., Ukraine
  • Regulatory Documentation: TU U 20.5-22942814.029-2012
  • Consist: A solution of butylated hydroxyanisole (E 320) and butylated hydroxytoluene (E 321) in natural refined deodorized oil.

Sphere of Application:

  • Milk fat replacers
  • Butter
  • Spreads with fat content from 25,0% to 40,0%
  • Margarines with fat content from 25,0% to 52,5%
  • Margarines with fat content more 52,5%
  • Margarines for creams and whipped dough

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In the production of: animal oils and fats, fats and oils for frying and baking (frying, culinary, confectionery), milk fat replacers, shortening, different kinds of butter, spreads, margarine, mayonnaise, dressings, pastry, group of snack foods, breakfast cereals, potato products, cosmetics and more.

  • Improves quality of food by slowing of oxidation process in fats
  • Increases a shelf life of products
  • Saves organoleptic properties, texture and nutritive value of products
  • Provides equal distribution of antioxidant in products

PACKING 20L plastic container

STORAGE In the original packing in dry clean rooms, which protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation, at a distance of not less than 1 m from the indoor heat sources at temperatures from 8 to 35 °C

SHELF LIFE 24 months in the original packing under required storage conditions. 2 months in opened original packing upon stated storage condition.

SANITARY DOCUMENTATION Safety and Health Certificate of SSES of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04/67783 of 07.07.2012. In the production of Antioxidant «Esterin АО-01» do not use genetically modified raw materials.

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